One of the most important questions in the foundations of physics, especially since the discovery of quantum theory, is the nature and role of time. We would like to bring together researchers from different areas ( foundations, thermodynamics, causality theory, relativity and quantum information theory in general) to discuss the role time plays in physics.

Our plan is to have few talks per day and a lot of time for discussions and exchange of ideas. We would like to touch topics like: foundational questions on time, quantum clocks and their synchronisation, the problem of time in quantum gravity, time and clocks in thermodynamics, uncertainty relations, causal structures, the arrow of time ...

Thank you all for participating! The videos of the talks can be found here.

Advisory Committee:

Roger Colbeck (University of York)
Jonathan Oppenheim (University College London)
Renato Renner (ETH Zürich)
Vlatko Vedral (Oxford University)


Sandra Rankovic (ETH Zürich)
Daniela Frauchiger (ETH Zürich)